Melbourne Day Walks

Patterson River

December 4th, 2010 at 5:48

Length: 6.35 km

Time taken: 1 hours, 50 mins (including breaks for pictures)

Grade: Easy

Climb: 20 metres (as measured by RunKeeper)

This walk followed the Patterson River from the beach to the Frankston Freeway and back. The whole walk was quite open and exposed which resulted in me getting a touch of sunburn on my arms and neck. I’m glad I had company for this walk because it would have been long and boring without it.

From the path we saw boats and jet-skis on the river, and the back of houses on the land. The beach at the end was lovely as the sun was fully out.


The Frankston train line and Nepean Hwy bridges crossing the river near the entrance.

The path along the river was quite wide and exposed for the length of it.

People sitting on a small patch of beach along the river.

A bridge crossing one of the river inlets.

The view from the bridge.

A different angle from the bridge

The Frankston Freeway bridge. We had to cross this bridge to walk back.

Rocks across the river near the freeway bridge.

The entrance to the river from the beach.

A lizard trying to find his way to the other side of the fence near the beach.

A statue beside the beach.

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