Melbourne Day Walks

Sherbrooke Forest

October 24th, 2010 at 11:42

Length: 6.75 km

Time taken: 2 hours, 30 mins (including breaks to rest, take pictures, and get lost!)

Grade: Moderate

Climb: 290 metres (as measured by RunKeeper)

This walk was easily the most beautiful and challenging i’ve been on so far. It started with a long, steep, slippery walk up the side of a mountain, before heading back down the mountain over what felt like an even longer distance. Both directions hurt my legs a bit and completely tired me out.

The walk felt a lot a longer than the 7 km it was, especially because of how slow the first km was up the mountain. However, the scenery was gorgeous and the weather was perfect and sunny, making the walk quite relaxing despite the physical challenge.

The book’s directions were completely useless on this walk. For starters it wasn’t clear where to start the walk, and I have no idea how anyone could rate this walk as Easy when it is quite difficult in places. We lost the track at one point when the tracks switch over the road. We needed to ask a local for directions on how to get back to the right track.

The photos are a bit overexposed from the light and the limits of the iPhone camera.


On the way up the mountain

Still on the way...

An interesting hanging plant

Mushrooms... Yum Yum!

After climbing the mountain we were greeted by this barrier which made me momentarily think its the end of the walk.



Tall trees!


Sherbrooke Falls

A nice plant along the side of the road.

Another great view of the trees

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