Melbourne Day Walks

Gardiner’s Creek, Burwood

February 6th, 2011 at 11:47

Length: 4.3 km

Time taken: 1 hour (including breaks for pictures)

Grade: Easy

Climb: 33 metres

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this walk was considering it runs behind the Deakin university and schools in Burwood. I was expecting the creek to be fairly small and narrow, but it was quite full and flowing when I was there. I’m not sure how much this was due to the flash flooding a couple of days earlier. The flooding had flattened some of the marsh grass (if that’s what you call it) along the side of the creek.

The walk was very easy and relaxing. I was tempted to stop and watch the water flowing over the rocks for a while.




The marsh grass had been flattened by the flash flooding a couple of days earlier.

One of the rocky sections of the creek along this path


One of the bridges that cross the creek

The Deakin University carpark through the trees.

A really nice section of the path where it winds around a bend


At Burwood Rd a u-turn has been created in the path

Another bridge


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