Melbourne Day Walks

Sandringham-Brighton Beach

March 14th, 2011 at 14:18

Length: 3.94 km

Time taken: 1 hour (including breaks for pictures)

Grade: Easy

Climb: 38 metres

I was waiting for a nice day to do this walk and I got it! I was surprised by how ‘bushy’ this walk was compared to other parts of the beach track closer to the city. Some parts of the track were quite hidden in the bushes, while other parts were exposed near the road, and other parts were right along the beach. The track climbs up and down from the beach, to the top of small cliffs, to the road, providing many different types of views.


Steps down to the track along Sandringham beach.

Sandringham Beach

Rock seats are built into the cliffs along the side of the beach.

Rocks in the sand at Sandringham Beach

The beach here is patrolled by lifeguards.

A view of the walking track, bike track, and road all beside each other.

A view of the beach from behind the bushes

The view of Sandringham yacht club from up on the cliffs.

A nice view of the beach from the cliffs. Dogs were playing in the sand islands below.

Looking down to Hampton Beach

Wild Berries!

A picnic shelter at Hampton Beach. This shelter will apparently be totally rebuilt in the next few weeks and include windows out to the beach. .

A marshy area between the beach and Beach Rd.

The walking track near the sand

A pier

An old rail tunnel between Brighton Beach and the railway station.



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