Melbourne Day Walks

Birds Land

May 1st, 2011 at 10:34

Length: 6.14 km

Time taken: 2 hour, 15 mins (including breaks for pictures and chats with police about reported missing children which we saw along the way)

Grade: Easy-Medium

Climb: 164 metres

Birds Land Reserve is located south of the Dandenongs and north of Lysterfield Lake, and nowhere near as nice as either of them. The walk passes two lakes that seemed popular for walking around, and then goes through a more remote area that leads up a hill on the Sunset Track where there were some nice views of the surrounding mountains. The start of the Sunset track was quite vague and if it hadn’t been signposted I would have missed it. Even with the signpost I was still unsure whether it was the right path. Luckily it was. The path climbs up steeply to the top of the hill. The track back down, Abrahams Track, was much more well defined, but became quite muddy in places. Unlike Lysterfield Park across Wellington Rd, I didn’t see any Kangaroos or other wildlife besides the birds. I would prefer a walk around Lysterfield Park any day.



The Picnic Ground and Car Park

I assume these rocks were placed around the tree.

There were lots of granite boulders around the reserve.

Lots of birds were in Birds Land (even though it wasn't named because of the birds)



The track initially follows the creek towards to the lake.

The second lake

The creek goes under the hill here.

I'm not sure exactly what this is...

The vague black line to the right is the start of the Sunset Track. Thank goodness it was signposted or I would have missed it!

A small lake at the top of the Sunset Track

The view from the Sunset Track

The junction of Sunset and Abrahams Track

The view from Abrahams Track



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