Melbourne Day Walks

Langwarrin Reserve

November 6th, 2010 at 0:57

Length: 4.3 km

Time taken: 1 hours, 30 mins (including breaks for pictures)

Grade: Easy

Climb: 39 metres (as measured by RunKeeper)

Of all the walks i’ve been on, this had the most variation in track type. The track and scenery changed from foresty, to sandy coastal, to grassy, all within a couple of kilometres. I was really quite amazed at how coastal this track looked in sections considering it is no where near the beach!

The walk is only meant to be 4km, but due to part of track in the book being permanently closed we had to walk a little further to get around. The extra part was then a bit flooded but luckily there was a section not too deep we could walk over.

This was really a surprisingly nice and scenic walk considering the location and size of the reserve.


I can't get enough pictures of dead trees against the blue sky 🙂

A grassy section section of the track

There were Ant Hills all over the place. I was scared to stay still too long for fear of one of the many angry bullants climbing my shoe.

The dam

Another section of the trail... starting to get sandy

The track looked and felt very coastal for a while

'Telstra track' - because it is along the side of Telstra owned property... This was where the track in the book that no longer exists started.

The track was flooded and a couple of ducks called it home

A nice burnt out tree trunk

A very grassy part of the track

Many trees had fallen over

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