Melbourne Day Walks

The Domain

September 12th, 2010 at 7:45

Length: 5km

Time taken: 1 hr

Grade: Easy

Climb: 54 metres (as measured by RunKeeper)

While not really a full day walk, the domain – otherwise known as “The Tan” – is quite a nice walk and in the book! The Tan is a great walk if you don’t have time to get out to a more remote area. As a bonus, after walking the circuit you can walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens at a nice leisurely pace.

The 4km track circles around the Royal Botanic Gardens – through Kings Domain, down a South Yarra side street, and along the Yarra River. On this walk there were two things that really surprised me:

1. Along the Yarra side of the track there were numerous different species of succulents planted at the bottom of the cut out cliffs. I don’t think i’ve ever seen so many beautiful succulents in one place.
2. I don’t know why I assumed this track is flat, but it has some decent gradients compared to your average park circuit walk. I took Tyrone’s advice and walked anti-clockwise to get the downhill gradient on Anderson St.

I would walk this track again if I am short of time, or perhaps near the area and it’s a great day.

"The Tan" track along the Yarra River

Cacti in the Botanic Gardens

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