Melbourne Day Walks

Plenty Gorge

September 26th, 2010 at 10:07

Length: 3.1 km

Time taken: 1 hr (with lots of breaks for pics)

Grade: Easy / Moderate

Climb: 75 metres (as measured by RunKeeper)

This track is a circuit around the Blue Lake in Plenty Gorge. It was a relatively short walk, but well worth it as the lake and cliffs were absolutely beautiful and the path was quite scenic with plenty of trees and a river flowing below. Unfortunately the book was left behind so I didn’t have the directions for the complete 4.5km walk – of which part is not a real track.

We took a wrong path near the beginning which lengthened the walk a little, but it wasn’t a bad detour. Although we ended up bush bashing between the wrong paths and I nearly slipped on loose rocks down the hill a few times.

The real path to the Blue Lake was quite wide and well maintained. From the car park to the lake it was on a slight decline, and from the lake to the car park on an incline. I rated this path as easy / moderate due to the incline on the way back, but I may have just felt it more because of the strong sun.

I can see why the locals hang around this lake for a drink on a nice day.

The path to the Blue Lake

Further down the path...

Further down the path...

The man made cliffs along the path

The man made cliffs along the path

Looking down on the lake

Looking down on the lake

Danger! 🙂

A great view of the man made cliffs

The cliffs reflecting in the water

Another view

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